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Talks & Demos

We really appreciate talks and demos about Kepler from the community. If you have made a presentation that demonstrated or referenced Kepler, please open a PR to add it to this page!

Kepler Demos

The list below contains talks that demo Kepler, its capabilities, and how to gather energy metrics of various Kubernetes resources.

  • "Sustainability the Container Native Way", Huamin Chen (Red Hat) & Chen Wang (IBM), Open Source Summit NA 2022 [slides]

  • "Sustainability Research the Cloud Native Way", Chen Wang (IBM) & Huamin Chen (Red Hat), KubeCon NA 2022 [slides]

  • "Sustainability in Computing: Energy Efficient Placements of Edge Workloads", Parul Singh & Kaiyi Liu (Red Hat), Kubernetes Edge Day NA 2022 [slides]

  • "Green(ing) CI/CD: A Sustainability Journey with GitOps", Niki Manoledaki (Weaveworks), GitOpsCon NA 2022 [slides]

Kepler References

The list below contains talks that reference Kepler in discussions on energy efficiency and cloud-native environmental sustainability.

  • "Panel Discussion: Moving Towards Environmentally Sustainable Operations with Cloud Native Tools", Niki Manoledaki (Weaveworks), Chris Lavery (Weaveworks), Marlow Weston (Intel), William Caban (Red Hat) [recording]

  • "How to Get Involved in CNCF Environmental Sustainability TAG", Marlow Weston (Intel) & Huamin Chen (Red Hat), KubeCon NA 22 [recording]

  • "Smart Green Computing Cloud Native Operations", William Caban & Federico Rossi (Red Hat), KubeCon NA 2022 [recording]

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